Nov 30th

Ted Christopher -- Follow The Wild Geese Home
Steve James -- Thru Eyes Of A Cowboy
John Miller -- One Of These Old Country Songs
Gerry Ford -- Cottage In The Country
Brian Hughes -- Leave The Light On
Audrey Kelly -- Wasted Tears,Wasted Years
Charley & Moonshiners -- Not Letting Go
Redwyng -- The Love You Share
Laura McGhee -- Aint Convincing Me
City Sinners -- In Another World
Jill Jackson -- Just Not Myself
Kevin Key -- Heartbroke & Blue
Raymie Wilson -- Downtown Departure
Paula MacAskill -- A Dream Come True
Manson Grant -- Best Years Of My Life
Sheila Henderson -- Jenny's Song
Thomas Fraser -- Untold Treasures
May & Mackie -- Coming Home
Ruby Rendall -- Time Goes By
Geordie Jack -- Something To Say
Laura Kenny -- To Go
Goldrush -- Leaving Town
Ann Williamson -- Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee
Al Grant -- Many Reasons
Jolene & Barry -- Dark Island
Jimmy Scott -- What's Your Excuse
Liberties -- Lonely Tonight
Jackie Storrar -- The More I Give You
Bill Stewart -- A Man In Love
PT Christie -- Crossroads
Janey Kirk -- How Could You Leave Me Now
Country Road -- Lonesome Road
Humpff Family -- Love,Death,Divorce…..
Isla Grant -- Mothers Chair / Ghosts Of Culloden
One Day 40 -- 50 Miles
Tom Clelland -- Number Song
Midnight Special -- Waterbound
Dean Owens -- To The Last Sunset

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