Sept 4th

Kathy Mattea -- Come From The Heart
Patrick Feeney -- Soldier On
Evi Tausen -- One Heartbeat Away
Jack Tempchin -- Singing In The Street / I Got Her Right Where She Wants Me / Still Looking For a way To Say Goodbye
Bailey Rose -- Rearview And Me
Jason Aldean -- Any Ol' Barstool
Louise Morrissey -- September Sky
Tim McGraw -- She Never Lets It Get To Her Heart
Ethel & Shameless Hussies -- I'm The One You're Mama Warned You about
Hank Thompson -- Wild Side Of Life
James House -- Southern Belle
Jill Burke -- I'm Only Singing Love Songs
Merle Haggard -- Working In Tennessee
Jim Lauderdale -- Single Standard Time
Kenny Watson -- Back in My Baby's Arms
Heather Dickson -- Right Where I Wanna Be
Duke Boys -- All That Country Music
My Darling Clementine -- Reserved For You & Me
McKenzie -- Too Hot To Handle
Alan Jackson (archive interview) -- Chasin' That Neon Rainbow / Here In The Real World / Blue Blooded Woman / Gone Country
Brandy Clark -- Soap Opera
Thomas McGuire/Fhionna Ennis -- Down To You & Me
Drake White -- Making Me Look Good Again
Jericho Summer -- Redneck Cousin

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